6 Tips to Find Inner Peace in the Chaos of Life!

Finding Inner Peace in Chaos


Life can be truly hectic, even chaotic, if we don’t stop now and then to take a few minutes for ourselves.


With the invention of computers, our work lives were supposed to get easier, but it’s gotten busier than ever before!


The original mentality was that computers would allow us to get the same amount of work done in half the time.


That idea went out the window when we realized we could now get twice the work (or more) done in the same time.


Now our world has become so fast paced that it’s hard to keep up. If you don’t stop the pandemonium, you can begin to feel as if your life is descending into a chaotic jumble.


Luckily, there are ways to deal with these overwhelming feelings and put some order back into your life.


The past 15 months have been incredibly dynamic for us and during this time we’ve been dealing with very serious family medical issues.  We couldn’t be more grateful that our business is now completely online training because we’ve been able to help and contribute to an even greater extent than we would have ever been able to do.


What’s been remarkable is that several family members have commented to us on how calm and clear thinking we’ve been through these difficult times and able to keep our focus.


“Calm” is something that you have to cultivate in your life.  It’s not saying that once in a while someone or something will push your button but if you continue to focus on calm maybe, just maybe, that button won’t be able to be pushed so hard!


We started seeing a pattern that when life got even remotely chaotic all “self-care” goes out the window.  While life can definitely be chaotic around us, we know that it doesn’t have to be that way in us. 


Here are a few of our top tips on how to turn your chaos around:


Take a break

Give yourself a chance to take in everything going on around you. Even if your break is a nice hot bath instead of a shower, it can help.

  • Find a little time here and there to get some peace and quiet while you reflect on the events of the day.


Meditation can be very helpful in bringing you peace

Meditation doesn’t mean sitting uncomfortably and chanting like the monks in the movies. Instead, it’s a very comfortable and soothing way to calm your mind and bring you the serenity you desire.

  • With a little practice, anyone can meditate. Just find a quiet, dark room and close your eyes.
  • Picture yourself on a bridge. Imagine you’re carrying chains with heavy weights at the end. The weights represent your problems and the chaos around you. Now imagine throwing those chains into the water and watching them disappear forever.
  • This imagery will help you settle into your meditation. Once you’ve cast away your burdens, you can imagine how peaceful your life can be.



Find the positive

No matter how chaotic things get, you can always try to find something good and positive in your situation.

  • Actively look for the silver lining.  Just yesterday we helped a family member to find the positive in a situation. We reminded her that there are times situations happen for a reason, we might not understand it at the time, but we need to have faith and believe it did because something better is right around the corner.
  • It could also be something as simple as a favorite song, a picture, or the smile of another person that gives you some inner peace. Look for these things and you will find them.


Slow down

We do not have to multitask, in fact when we do it tends to wear us down even faster. Multi-tasking adds to the chaos around us and has been proven over and over again that you actually accomplish less and not more.

  • Take one thing at a time and allow yourself to focus on that task alone. While you may be able to handle three or more things at once, the quality won’t be nearly as good as if you focused on them one at a time.

Stop letting others drag you down

Be wary when considering the opinions of others.

  • Don’t ignore everyone, but don’t let yourself get bogged down with other people’s baggage and their issues, either.
  • Remove your personal chaos causers, even if one of the causes is other people. When we are working we put the Do Not Disturb feature on our phones. There are a handful of people that have punch through and if they call we answer, but other than that, we follow up when we are done working.


Take out the drama

Eliminate the drama in your life, especially other people’s drama. It’s not your concern, so stay out of it and don’t get caught up in it. We know this isn’t an easy one to do especially with the social media and peoples insatiable need to create drama.  To help us counterbalance we have removed social media apps from our phones and now only access from our computers with a “set schedule” and have really noticed a difference in how we feel.

  • Work on your social skills. The real ones. Not the social media ones. There is still nothing that bonds human beings like social interaction. Our needs get met and optimal brain functioning occurs.
  • Focus on solving your concerns positively rather than enjoying pity parties. This will reduce the self made drama and turn your focus to something positive.


Everyone has some chaos in his or her life. It isn’t always a bad thing.

Stress can be productive as well. In fact, without stress and responsibilities, some people would never get out of bed!


Life will always have stress and problems, but how you respond and not react to them can dictate the level of chaos in your life.


The first step is realizing that you need to make some time for yourself. If you don’t, nothing you do will really make that much of a difference. As the old saying goes, “You can’t be there for everyone else if you aren’t taking care of yourself first.”


Use our top tips and you’ll see that you can also bring order to your life, and soon you’ll find peace instead of chaos.


Dedicated to your health and wellness!

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