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Select which of our Fitness Training program type is right for you!

Custom Training
(individualized to you; your body, your needs, your equipment, your location)

Our Custom Training Plans are individually specific training plans and use our most advanced techniques. A Custom Training Plan is the right choice if you need a program designed specifically for you.


Reasons for this could be; a medical or physical condition necessitating personalized programming, special or unique training needs (sport, equipment, location, etc), or you want to work closely and frequently with a coach due to a very specific goal you want to achieve - or just because you feel more comfortable like that!


This training program can be designed or adjusted for any location (home gym, outdoors, public gym, or a hotel room), use any equipment, and work around most any limitation.


We work directly and closely with you on your schedule and goals to maintain that perfect fit.

Master Training
(pre-designed workout for standard gym or home gym)

Our Master Training Plans are scientifically-based, best in class pre-designed strength training plans.


A Master Training Program is a great value-focused choice if you have access to standard, basic gym equipment, your goal is general full body strength and conditioning, and you don't have a medical or physical limitation that requires special programming considerations.


Additionally, it is ideal if you are someone who is comfortable around equipment and a gym environment and are wanting to not just "workout" but actually "TRAIN" by following an expertly written program from someone you can trust.


These workouts are designed using typical gym equipment, which you may also have at home, such as; dumbbells, bench, suspension trainer, stability ball, sliders, exercise bands.


We can coach you through messages and video calls on using sandbags, KBs, and barbells -these variations ARE in our exercise library as we do use them frequently in our custom programming.


[Note: please ask more questions before you choose this option if you don't have a gym access or a well equipped home gym]



Everything is better once you start to "Feel Better".......

What is better than getting a training plan created by a Master Trainer? Getting one created by a Master Trainer who is >55 and truly knows what it takes to move better and feel stronger at any age!


Welcome to the BEST body weight workout training program that you can get! It's perfect for those of you who have not worked out in years -or never worked out yet, as well as those who want to work out safely without "going heavy".


Ease your way into a new routine and focus on your form.


This training plan is one that that you can do at home or take with you on your next trip, whether it's in your hotel room, hotel gym, your garage or in your living room.  If you need we can also help you with easy equipment for travel.


We understand that it may not always be easy to take time for yourself, but did you know that exercising just 30 minutes a day, 3 times a week can help you reduce stress, promote better sleep, and increase your energy levels?


Would you like to reduce your stress, sleep better and have more energy?


Who wouldn't!?


​Stay sharp and fit with this efficient and effective workout program. Using just your body and a suspension trainer, this workout can be performed anywhere. No excuses.


[Yes, for an effective and complete full body program we do need a suspension trainer. Anything less would be incomplete in terms of program design and body function and eventually increase the risk of injury or painful muscular imbalances.]