Train with US

Are you ready to shine in your middle age and have the vibrancy and resilience people are envious of? 

Imagine waking up with a bounce in your step, a glorious glowing smile on your face...

This is exactly how you'll feel after we've spent some time together.

If you want to be stronger, feel younger and live healthier; and have these qualities endure as you go through your ageing years, then True North Fitness & Health is for you!.

Hi! We are Rob and Shannon, the owners and coaches, and we are proof of our process and systems. We follow our own advice and we lead a very active lifestyle, on our terms, and we want you to be able to do the same.

Over the years we've had many clients come to us because they were tired of sitting on the sidelines during personal and professional events and vacations because they either didn't have the energy, or they weren't strong enough, or mobile enough, or they were actually just too heavy to participate. They were frustrated and tired of being left out, and of being worn out or injured trying to get into shape. They wanted someone they could relate to in their new direction of living healthier. They found their solution with True North Fitness & Health.

True North Fitness & Health provides Online Remote Training for the discriminating adult who is concerned and serious about their safety, their quality of life, and its longevity; and who wants the benefits and freedom that the latest science and technology can offer.

Who is online training for? 

Online training initially seems like something alien to many people. Some strange new-age thing that wont really work for most people. On the contrary though, it is more inclusive that other forms of training or coaching and is completely inline with current lifestyles. Who hasn't heard of "apps",  or "online" anything? Online training and coaching provides all the benefits of your choice of value, quality, freedom and flexibility. So who is it for?

  • It is ideal for the health enthusiast who wants to train when it's convenient for them, not the trainer.
  • It is for those who dont live in an area where there is a healthy choice of qualified and experienced coaches to choose from.
  • It is for those who want the best quality trainer they deserve.
  • It is for those who want to train smarter, not harder.
  • It is for those who to be better, and who are not willing to compromise quality or integrity for so called hacks and fast fads because they know their health shouldn't be compromised.
  • It is for those who know, deep down, that workouts from magazines or general internet free downloads aren't going to be "for them".
  • And it's so very perfect for those who travel frequently, have an incredibly hectic schedule, live in a remote location.
  • And it is for those who don't want to join a local gym in order to exercise and aren't sure what to do.

Online training is all about YOU and your lifestyle.

We work with you and we meet you where you are at. Our online members understand that true fitness and health come from intelligent effort, commitment, patience and collaborative actions with their fitness coach. Communication is key to making your online relationship strong and is paramount to your success.


 Our Professional Coaching, Personal Guidance, and Expertly designed Programs have never been more accessible or affordable thanks to the wonderful world of the web!

​Using internet based systems and forms allows us more flexibility working with clients in regards to service options and schedule. And while we are famous for our customer service and personal touch, having our systems online allows us to provide an improved customer experience for service and support with much more flexibility and freedom when it comes to your all important schedule!

One of the best aspects of our training system is that it can be done anywhere and anytime! It doesn't matter where you are, or aren't; or what you have, or dont have to train with! Your program, and your coach, are always right in your pocket at your finger tips!

The amount of coaching, accountability and support that you get is your choice. It is one of the primary scalable differences in our coaching service options. It is based on how you want it to be!  You want a lot of interaction and support? You Got It! You want to be left mostly on your own to follow the program? You Got It! You want nutritional guidance? You got it! No? OK!  Just know that we are always just a text message or video call away. And when you complete your workout, we get an automatic notification. So shortly thereafter you may notice that we gave you a high 5 or we are "cheering you on".  How’s that for accountability and recognition?!

We have three fitness program types available for you to choose from. They each have options which are scaled to the level of coaching and accountability you want. You can also choose to enhance your program by adding in health options such as nutrition coaching or Resilience Coaching -just inquire about these areas when you are ready. Please continue below to find out more.

Please note:  Our service to you begins as soon as your order is processed. Your program access and communications with us will start at that time.

Once you submit payment, you'll receive a verification from us noting that you paid for the program. Depending on your program selection you will either get an appointment booking request (concierge and custom programs) or you will get an account start up notice (all others).  Within 24 hours, excluding weekends, we'll follow-up with you to begin the program and get you started!


What are the benefits of using the
True North Fitness & Health APP? 

Let's face it we live in a technology-centric culture. Most businesses are making it easier to do business with them by going online. And we "older adults" are embracing the online and using apps on our phones just like everyone else; from shopping, to watching television shows, to playing games, and connecting on social media. Learning something new at an older age is good for longevity anyway!

Here is what you will get with our custom training app:

  • A personal dashboard - see and quickly access your programs, personal bests and track your results using the mobile or desktop versions of our app
  • Workout tracking - record your workout results, review your progress and stats for specific exercises, and more (as we love to say, "what you don't track you won't progress!")

  • A personal workout calendar - all your workouts and other reminders are on an easy to use digital calendar for quick and easy review or planning.
  • Body Stats tracking - log and view graphically the changes in your inches, photos, weight, blood pressure, body composition, and other health numbers.

  • Nutrition tracking - connect your MyFitnessPal or FitBit account and view your food tracking alongside your workout tracking (and if you want coaching, you coach can have access to this same info!)

  • A coach in your pocket 24/7 - have access to us via the secure app message system to send us a message at any time (please note this depends on your level of support, AND please know that we do sleep sometimes!)

  • Access to our video library where there are thousands of videos illustrating proper exercise form and instruction.

Please click on this link ===>>> SERVICES and let's get you moving today!