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The CompassTrue North Fitness & Health is for the discriminating adult fitness enthusiast who is serious about their health and longevity, who wants the benefits that the latest science and technology can offer,  who wants to train smarter to be better and is not willing to compromise quality or integrity for so called “short cuts” and fast fads. Our members understand that true fitness and health come from intelligent effort, commitment, time, patience and collaborative actions with their fitness consultant.

If you want to be stronger, feel younger and live healthier and have these qualities endure then True North Fitness & Health is for you!. Our Certified Fitness Coaches, along with proven, results-focused training methods, help reverse the effects of aging, delay the physical decay of getting older, and therefore significantly improve your quality -and possibly duration -of life. We help get you in your best shape so you can live your best life with youth and vitality. Our members support each other in achieving their full potential. At True North Fitness, feeling younger is closer than you think — we are continuously striving to better ourselves and truly create the world’s most effective fitness training system. We guarantee our members great workouts and great results.

We want to help you find your “True North”.

True North Fitness Core Values

  1. Bring Your Best; Be the Best
  2. Deliver Exceptional Service and Value
  3. Be honest, Do what is right
  4. Be respectful of others, consider all sides
  5. Welcome Critique, Embrace Change
  6. Be a Positive Team; We not Me
  7. Always Learning, Developing, Improving
  8. Have Fun, Bring Energy, Have Passion, Be Positive
  9. Strive for Profitability
  10. Ecology and Charity Conscious
  11. Set the example, Demonstrate Professionalism
  12. Stay true to our values, stand apart unique rather than in the crowd
  13. Strive for harmony in all facets of life

Meet Our Team

As a husband and wife team, Rob and Shannon work very closely together, they are both passionate about life long health and fitness and offer different strengths that their members capitalize on, you will have the pleasure to work both of them while you’re at True North Fitness.

Rob Yontz


Certified Master Personal Trainer, Certified Spartan SGX Coach, Certified Fitness Nutritionist, and Program Designer

Sports and fitness have always been an integral part of Rob’s life. Both parents were collegiate level athletes and graduated with Physical Education degrees. He has been a team and individual athlete since the second grade. His activities have ranged from playing and lettering in football, baseball, wrestling, and track & field; to water and snow skiing, racquetball, running, and weight training. Rob is a Virginia Tech alumni and a U.S. Navy veteran who had a distinguished career in Reliability Engineering before partnering with Shannon to build the vision of True North Pioneering, Inc.

Rob knows that it’s the ability to get up when you are down and keep driving for your goals that defines a true champion. He believes that everyone has a champion in them – some people just need little help to call that inner drive or to listen to it. He finds it amazing how simple it is to get the body fit and yet so many struggle to do it. The science is quite straightforward. It’s SIMPLE, but simple does not equate to EASY. The lifestyle change necessary can be challenging so many people choose to sell out their long term health and quality of life for near term convenience.

A lot of our clients ask where he gets his passion. Rob will tell you that it comes from many places. He absolutely loves the physics and mechanics behind fitness coaching and the biochemistry behind nutrition. But, what he loves most is seeing someone “get it”, and then “make it”, and be profoundly changed (in thought pattern and quality of life) forever.

Being active is a great gift, and he wants to help each and every person to optimize their ability to move, and enjoy life on their own terms, the way they want to, and do it pain free – that truly is leaving a worthy legacy!  This year Rob will be turning 54, this was him in January at the Spartan Sprint Race in Temecula.

rob spartan

Shannon Yontz


Certified Personal Trainer, Food Psychology Coach, Certified Personal Fitness Chef, Certified Precision Nutrition L1 Coach, Certified Fitness Nutritionist,  Certified Spartan SGX Coach,  Spartan Edge Specialist

Having been overweight since childhood, I understand firsthand how difficult this journey can be. I spent years as a “professional dieter” and yo-yoed my weight, It took years of self-discovery for me to figure out my why and heal my relationship with food and myself.

My fat loss journey has not been an easy one and for most of us – it isn’t. I came to the realization that I used my fat as my security blanket to keep others away from me.  I used food as “comfort” and yet the last thing I felt was comfortable! And yes, I’ve done it all – Overate, binge ate, food obsession, endless dieting, extreme calorie restriction, even took laxatives. You name it, I did it.

When I tipped the scales at 189 pounds and my size 14 jeans were getting really tight, something in me finally snapped. Now it wasn’t all of a sudden but years of discovering what tools worked for me. What I did realize was that I was sick and tired of being sick and tired, sick and tired of starting over and the self-loathing that came with it.  So I decided to end the battle and learned to draw the line in the sand.

I’ve maintained my 50+ pounds lost for over 20 years and I have looked back and nor should you. I don’t believe in quick fixes or fads, if you want gimmicks and quick weight loss then I’m not the coach for you.

I am passionate about working with women and men who are ready to make permanent lifestyle change and are ready to do the work necessary. It won’t be easy -but it will be worth it and I will stand by your side all the way.

This was me at my heaviest – love that 80’s hair!

shannon fatSave

Through out my life, I’ve never really enjoyed athletics,  I was always too heavy and embarrassed about my size, doubled with the fact that it was just uncomfortable.  Later as a young adult, I’ve had the benefit of enjoying many cycling events, running 5ks 10ks, a 13.1 half marathon and finished the LA Marathon in 1999!

In 2012 we added in Spartan Racing to our training studio and it has been a blast.  Spartan racing represented many of the obstacles I’ve endured (either imaginary or real) in my life.  We are going to age -but getting old is a choice.  This is one of my proudest moment from the Spartan Sprint Race in Malibu, December 2014 – finally completed the Monkey Bars!

shannon monkey bars

Now at 52, I am learning what my perimenopausal body loves, learning to relax a bit more and I can say that the voices that used to tell me how “awful” I was…..aren’t there anymore! BEST DAY EVER!

I would be honored to help lead you on your journey in healing your relationship with food and living the life of your dreams!

Rob and Shannon jointly or individually hold additional certifications as:  Functional Movement Screen Specialist, Certified Adventure BootCamp Instructor, Fitness Nutritionist, Yoga Instructor, Biomechanics Specialist, Functional Training Specialist, Fitness Assessment Specialist, Senior Fitness Instructor, Youth Fitness Instructor, Youth Nutrition Specialist, and in Pediatric and Adult CPR/AED & First Aid.