Are you the fastest, leanest, strongest, and most physically and mentally agile you can be?

You should be. You need to be. Do you know why?!

Because life throws unexpected obstacles in your path, and when it does, you will either be in the mental and physical condition to consistently overcome them and be victorious;

Or you will be in the condition where you are overwhelmed, overcome, …and are vanquished

Does that alarm you?  Does it Challenge you?  Good!

It’s time to SPARTAN UP !

SGX is one of the most challenging and rewarding training programs you will ever take part in. And Spartan Races are the ultimate test of overall fitness.

Once you join us, you will discover that SGX is way more than just a fun and challenging exercise class. It is a transformational lifestyle program; we are strengthening and conditioning your mind, your body, and your spirit. SGX programming is meticulously designed to create a positive team atmosphere of fitness, nutrition and lifestyle that optimizes each person’s performance. You don’t have to compete in any particular sporting event, but you do have to participate in life where you are meant to move and move well.

Running a Spartan Race is not a requirement for you to participate in our SGX training, but anyone who has can tell you that it is truly life changing to run and finish a Spartan Race. But whether you run a Spartan Race or not, you need to train like you are going to run one.  Yea, that’s right… like you need air to breathe; you need to train for a Spartan Race to live! And to guarantee your success, you should prepare by using the best methods which means using a trained and certified SGX coach.



These are the precepts upon which we design an SGX program.

SGX is taught indoors and out (regardless of weather conditions). And while it mostly involves advanced body weight drills, to accomplish the scalability necessary for OCR training we employ additional “fun” tools such as: slosh tubes, sleds, plyo boxes, ropes, tires, sandbags, kettlebells, and medicine balls. This class will challenge everyone, from the most fit of athletes to the newest recruits; every single movement in our program can be tailored for fitness beginners or can be progressed for elite level athletes. As a consequence of the diversity in routines and camaraderie with the others in the class you will find yourself completely addicted to the Spartan way. Spartan SGX training will give you the physical and mental strength to take on whatever challenges are thrown your way –and then some!

In our SGX training program you will: bend, crawl, carry, climb, hang, jump, lift, lunge, pull, push, run, sprint, squat and twist… exactly what your body has been developing for over millions of years. This is actually what “exercise” is really meant to be after all.  Spartan SGX builds complete athletes who can dominate a strength-based workout and run with grace and speed, ready to hurdle over, under or through physical and mental obstacles. Being a Spartan isn’t about being better than others; it’s about each individual getting better than they were the day before and continually endeavoring to BE THEIR BEST.

Prepare for your next Spartan Race, other Obstacle Course Race, or for the obstacles of life at the only facility in the area with Certified Spartan SGX Coaches on staff!

The Spartan Code

  1. A Spartan pushes their mind and body to their limits.
  2. A Spartan masters their emotions.
  3. A Spartan learns continuously.
  4. A Spartan gives generously
  5. A Spartan leads.
  6. A Spartan stands up for what they believe in, no matter the cost.
  7. A Spartan knows their flaws as well as they know their strengths.
  8. A Spartan proves themselves through actions, not words.
  9. A Spartan lives every day as if it were their last.


You will know at the finish line

If you want to be better; if you want to do better, then random won’t do it for you. When you have somewhere to be and time to be there you need a plan. Spartan SGX is the fitness program with a plan behind it – a plan designed to improve your physical performance over time. It is not an exercise DVD or video set indefinitely to repeat. It is not random. It is purposeful, progressive. SGX is the daily disruption vital for optimal health and wellness, and true fitness.

If you want to get Spartan fit, if you are ready to get Spartan fit, you just need to START NOW by contacting us.

We will lead you the rest of the way to Sparta!


What is “SGX”?

SGX is an acronym that stands for Spartan Group Exercise. SGX is the Spartan Race’s official training program.

What is an SGX Coach?

Being a Spartan SGX coach is different than being a trainer; it’s more. To become a Certified SGX Coach one must first be an experienced certified personal trainer (from an accredited program) and have an up to date 1st AID / CPR cert. The SGX certification process requires attending a concentrated 2 day, 16+ hr in-classroom and on-hands course, studying out of classroom supplemental material, and then passing a written exam with 75% or better. The SGX cert also requires annual recertification through ongoing education. Only certified Spartan SGX coaches in good standing are permitted to use the term SGX and the Spartan SGX logos. You can determine if a trainer is an SGX Coach by looking online at the official SGX coach finder web site.

What is the SGX program?

SGX program training protocols are a unique, independently developed strategy of gradual periodization that allows specific aspects of training targeted at various times throughout the year, while never sacrificing a shred of the well-rounded physical preparedness you demand each day. A standard SGX program is comprised of 12 week training cycles. Each training cycle consists of 3 training blocks, each focusing and specific and progressive elements. Throughout the program nutritional and fit lifestyle guidance is given and team members are challenged to make healthy changes in their diets and lives. In 12 weeks a non-exerciser or beginner can be transformed into a person who is able to successfully run an obstacle course race; and an experienced exerciser or racer can elevate their performance to the next level.

So, essentially, for the first time in group training history, an individual’s true purpose and motivation is at the forefront of design for a large scale fitness program. It’s a design with your success in mind.

What makes the SGX program different?

Once you join a program, you will discover that SGX is the most unique group exercise program in the world. SGX is designed to create an exhilarating, positive, and community driven group atmosphere of fitness, nutrition, and performance that optimizes individual performance in Spartan Races (or other obstacle course races), as well as daily life. An official SGX program is about a lifestyle more than it is a specific exercise plan. It is about changing your mind, body, and life from the inside out. It is a lifestyle training program designed to prepare you for life! It is a Code and a set of guiding principles that helps us navigate the obstacle strewn world of life. Exercise is definitely a critical component, but we prefer the idea of a holistic approach that blends the lines between the physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, and social wellness. And, no, this isn’t some far out, oddball approach to life; it is real life, it is living. So, you see, it is much more than a fitness or diet program. It is about living every moment, seizing every opportunity, and making sacrifices for the larger good of a healthy body and mind.

What is an SGX workout like?

We call them “training sessions” because you are training for a purpose and an end goal and we are measuring that progress. And it isn’t just about being “tough” and getting your butt kicked in a hard work out; anybody can make a hard work out and get you to sweat. Training sessions are based on a training plan and sessions will vary depending on which training block you are in, which race level you are working on, and what you have been able to accomplish in prior workouts. In other words, while we have a plan, it depends. We will be focusing on using your body in naturally athletic movements, so it will be about you mastering pushing, pulling, carrying, running, jumping, stretching, breathing, and crawling. And rest assured every single movement in our program can be (and is) adjusted to meet you at your ability, we regress for fitness beginners and we progress for elite level athletes. And we do it in a fun and positive atmosphere.

Do I have to train with the group / team or can I train on my own?

It really depends on what you need. SGX classes are offered in a group setting, which is pretty powerful, but individuals can train privately or with a buddy. It is your choice and should be based on your needs and your schedule.

Is there a way I can train for a Spartan Race with an SGX coach if there isn’t one in my area?

Absolutely! We provide SGX training programs in-person locally as well as online. So you can still work with us and follow the exact same premium SGX training as our in-person clients from anywhere with internet access. All you need is a computer, tablet, laptop or Smartphone (or combo of these). Send us a contact request and we can get you started right away.

I’m doing a Mud-Run, not a Spartan Race. Will this get me ready?

This class is an excellent training program for anyone preparing for a mud run or other obstacle course (OCR) event as it is taught by Certified Spartan SGX coaches who are trained specifically to coach the movement and mindset requirements to succeed in any obstacle based event.