Here are some tips that will help you achieve the best results possible in a short time frame:

  1. Schedule your class in your MindBody online app or website.
  2. Get plenty of sleep the day / night before.
  3. Drink plenty of fluids leading up to the class – you’ll be sweaty!
  4. Eat anywhere from 1 to 3 hours before class – early enough to not be hungry, late enough to where your stomach has a chance to empty.
  5. 600x600&text=PlaceholderShow up 10 minutes before class time to foam roll.
  6. Advise your coach if it is your first time in class.
  7. Please advise your coach if you ever have any pain. Never work through the pain!
  8. Everyone and anyone can take a break at any time for any period, just push yourself and do your best.
  9. If you do think a different class time will benefit you, please let us know – we listen to you and this is how we determine when the next class is added.
  10. Finish the class with 3 things: Foam roll, stretches, and recovery shake (within 30 minutes post workout)
  11. Cheer your teammates on in class; they will do the same for you! We are all a TEAM!
  12. If you are more than 5 minutes late, you will not be able to participate in class.
  13. As the Group Class sizes are limited in most cases to (6) or (24) we ask that you schedule your group class either with our staff or online through our MINDBODY program in advance. Should you need to cancel a class we ask that you do so 24 hours in advance so we can refill your spot.